How does Uncontrolled Development affect you?

Are we Running out of Fresh Drinking Water?  (Myakka City)

Mom has 5 cats in the horse barn, collectively known as the 'barn cats.'  All of them came one bad place or another.  One cat does not have a tail.

This is an absolute failure of my opponent and the majority of other commissioners.  It simply is not SUSTAINABLE.

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It's all about TRAFFIC.  My opponent caused all this GRIDLOCK, because of her 'rubber-stamp' voting of all these housing projects.  I have a plan to solve the TRAFFIC problem.

When you are in the voting booth (or filling out your ballot at home) on Nov 8th, please remember that there are major differences between my opponent and me.  She has rubber-stamped every single housing development in the last 4 years.  I am not anti-development, and PROGRESS is good, BUT I also want to PRESERVE what we have left. She will PAVE over the land.  Do you want to see miles of hot parking lots, subdivisions, and strip centers on the horizon?

A SALUTE to the Veterans:

This is Nellie.  She came from "The Ranch Adoption Center" (aka Nates) on Lorraine Rd.

Maternal grandfather:  Thomas Kotheimer.  World War II.  Boot-camp sergeant and MP in the Army and later the Air Force.  Joined 1 week after Pearl Harbor. Honorably discharged from the Air Force in 1947. He probably would have been in the first wave of Mainland Japan if Truman had not dropped the bomb.

HOW MUCH MONEY did my opponent Squander from our Indigent Health Care Fund?  Or how do you go from $34.7 mil to ZERO in 4 years without leaving a trace?

My opponent called me "incredibly irresponsible" and then later "fear mongering" for even bringing the subject up.  If that is true, then why is this issue on a map produced by the County?  The FACT is that in 10 - 15 years, we will have to make some hard choices on drinking water.  We should have been asking these same questions about TRAFFIC 15 years ago, and now look at us.

This is Nellie.  She came from "The Ranch Adoption Center" (aka Nates) on Lorraine Rd.

This is Dallas.  Dr. Lori at the Ashton Animal Clinic inherited him after  an extreme case of abuse.  She had to take his right leg off.

Mom has 5 cats in the horse barn, collectively known as the 'barn cats.'  All of them came one bad place or another.  One cat does not have a tail.

I have a PLAN in the works to create a PROPER entertainment district.  Manatee County has many local neighborhoods who do not want to hear the noise at night, and this understandable.  However, the Millennials don't go out until 9 or 10 pm.  They end up going somewhere else such as Downtown St Pete.  This is NOT the way to keep our young people from leaving.  This PLAN requires coordination with the Cities of Bradenton and Palmetto.

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Issues with the Fort Hamer Bridge

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Biography of Jack Richardson

What is the Number #1 Issue Voters Want to Solve?

What is the BIGGEST FIB in Manatee County?

My opponent and the majority of other commissioners spent the last 4 years using every tactic known to man in order to give a pass to developers on these NORMAL fees which fund schools.  Their actions cost the School Board $90 million dollars+ to date..... funds which would have built new schools - schools that we need NOW.

-  To the voters of Parrish:  We would be looking at the foundation of a new high school right NOW if they had collected their dues.

-  To the rest of the voters of Manatee - we would be building new schools or renovating old ones right NOW, instead of listening to the School Board beg to extend the 1/2 cent school tax.......  (So now, you get to fund these schools out of your pocket and not the developers... How do they get these sweetheart deals?)

Calendar of Events:

- Sept 8th:  BoCC Budget Hearing @ 9 am

- Sept 8th:  Man. Black Chamber 7 pm @ Wing Stop, 3553 1st St

- Sept 12th:  League of Women Voters - Speech by Ed Goff re: opposition to new 1/2 infrastructure tax (11:30 am)

- Sept 12th:  Rubonia Community Center @ 5:30 pm

- Sept 15th:  BoCC Final Budget Hearing @ 6 pm

- Sept 15th:  Tiger Bay Mayoral Debate  11:30 am?

- Sept 15th:  Man. Black Chamber 7 pm @ Touch of Class

- Sept 19th:  Land Use Hearing (rescheduled from Hurr. Hermine)

- Sept 20th: TIFF / CRA workshop (cancelled)

- Sept 30th:  METV / Brad. Herald Debate @ 4:30 pm​

- Oct 6th:  BoCC Land Use Hearing @ 9 am

- Oct 10th:  Columbus Day

- Nov 3th:  BoCC Land Use Hearing @ 9 am

- Nov 8th:  Election Day

- Nov 11th: Veteran's Day (Friday)

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This is Dallas.  Dr. Lori at the Ashton Animal Clinic inherited him after  an extreme case of abuse.  She had to take his right leg off.

We BADLY need an Noise Ordinance that Fits Everyone!

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Jack Richardson

for County Commissioner - (At large)Manatee County, NPA

This is not a district race.  All Democrats, Republicans, and Independents over the whole County vote for me on Nov 8th.

What is the "No-Kill" Policy?

- The Commissioners passed the "No-Kill" policy about 5 years ago, which attempts to stop killing abandoned dogs and cats.  The goal is to find homes for them all.

- This is what I think of the "No-Kill" policy!

(If you do not know what this is, call me directly, and I will be happy to explain:  941-447-1300  Jack)

The balance in the Indigent Trust Account was $34.7 million dollars in 2012, when she started as a commissioner 4 years ago.  She was also Madam Chairman for at least a year on the Board during this time frame.  The fund recently went to ZERO.   The BoCC is now funding health care out of the general revenue. 

A Message to the Medical Community:  Your TRUST FUND is gone.  Writing checks is the easy part, but managing money obviously was not the Chairman's forte.  Instead of receiving funds from a trust and set up for that sole purpose, which was drained without foresight or planning, the medical community will now have to lobby to the BoCC every year for needed funds. 

 You now have to get in line with every other department.... including the underfunded Sheriff’s Office and EMS.  The good days are over for the Medical Community, as far as indigent funding goes.  I ask that you consider voting for somebody NEW who can actually manage money and has the foresight to prioritize the important things.

All video taken on Waterline Road.

The effect of Uncollected School Impact Fees? (another colossal mistake by my opponent)